Backup Messages, Contacts, Photos and other Files from HTC One M8 to PC: Backing up files from  HTC One M8 will be a heck if you don’t know how to about it.

So many loose their vital files due to inability to back their file on PC from  HTC One M8 when their storage capacity runs out.Backup Messages, Contacts

A friend once emailed asking me  if there be any better way  for him to backup messages, contacts, photos and other files from HTC One M8 to his PC. He sent this emails because his intention to use Gmail  failed.

How to Backup Messages, Contacts, Photos and other Files from HTC One M8 to PC

The best way to completely backup up your files is  through using HTC one file manager. This remains a perfect HTC manager on PC.

Using HTC one file manager can do the magic for you as you can easily do a complete backup of your digital files on your HTC phone straight to your laptop, desktop computer or Mac.

Files ranging from; messages, apps, music, photo, and video, etc.

Sometimes I prefer to back up my photos using directly drag and drop off my photos from HTC to a computer as far as I have a connection from my  HTC M8 to the computer. I choose this method most time when I needed speed in doing my backup.

But this last method of drag and drop might not work readily well when backing up files like  messages and contacts from HTC One to PC, so it is better to use Phone Transfer.

Lastly, I will suggest you use  HTC Sync Manager app to backup HTC phone data to your desktop, laptop or Mac computer.

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