Binfer Download – Download Binfer app For Large Files Transfer software

When it comes to sending and receiving large files, Binfer application software does it better. Binfer is a large file transfer software free download online. When it comes to high-speed file transfer software, binfer leads the pack.  You can trust binfer as your best file transfer software from mobile to PC.
Binfer Download

This article is centered on binfer review aimed at teaching you binfer download process for free.

We published other means of large file transfer recently. That is how to download xender for Android and How to Download Flash share For Android. This article will center on Binfer Download.

What is Binfer and Binfer Download

Binfer is an app that allows you to send and receive digital files using your various devices. You don’t need an internet connection to use Binfer. With the app installed on your device, you send and receive large files like HD videos, Musical videos, files, and even app software.

What you can do with Binfer

  1. You can now transfer files from Computer to computer transfer.
  2. It allows you to view live transfer status while sending.
  3. With web Drop, you can drag and drop folders NAT gadgets.
  4. You can share files from PC to Mobile device with binfer application software.
  5. Binfer is AES 128 encrypted.

No more issues when trying to send and receive file across the various platform.  Binfer Software is available for free use. Send and receive large files to you PC from anyone with ease through a web browser, which helps to avoid large email attachment troubles.

You don’t need to pay to FTP client to transfer files. The file transfer of binfer is done at a super speed you don’t need data or any form of internet connection to transfer files on Binfer.

The software is designed with great file explorer interface model for you quick use.  So for every one of you that works in an environment that deals with large files transfers, binfer download is your best bet. It is a great option from the tradition FTP client and online files transfer mechanism.

More from Binfer

It is an app built for PC use that is about 22.8 MB in size. So It works for all window version and Multilanguage app. It if free downloads.

Download Binfer Software | Binfer Download

To download Binfer software for free, click here.