Christian Mingle

Almost everyone is looking for love and a reasonable connection between one another, which is the main driving force behind dating apps. They promise to help you find that special one or someone to share intimacy with. Christian Mingle offers this but from a different angle. So as a Christian the main problem you might have with using most dating sites and apps out there is that it is a bit difficult for you to find someone that shares the same faith with you.

Finding someone that you could actually trust that shares the same faith and belief with you is difficult dating apps until Christian Mingle came along. The platform is a dating site strictly for Christians. It provides Christians with the option to relax knowing that the person you are going to meet on the site would be someone who you can be free around to share your faith and religion with.

It offers you the unique privilege of dating someone who shares the same belief and values with you, which is the foundation for a lasting and gratifying relationship. This guide will help you understand this platform better.

Setting up your Profile – Christian Mingle

First of all, you need to consider these things while setting up your account profile:

  • Your profile should start with an open-ended intro.
  • Proceed to answer some basic personal questions bothering on your appearance, lifestyle, beliefs and value systems.
  • Then upload some profile pictures. You even have the option to import your pictures from your Facebook account.
  • Your Christian denomination is also required. This would include information about your church and how often you attend church services.
  • There might be other questions as you proceed. These questions help reveal your personality.

Christian Mingle Mode of Operation

Christian Mingle which is part of is similar in its operation. It employs the Color Code Personality Test in finding matches. This is an effective matching algorithm. It also makes use of its own unique “Readiness IQ” test which helps the system figure out if you are ready to start dating. The results of these tests are always kept private.

There is also the “Compass” test which actually is a multiple choice test which helps throw more light on your personality. The compass will search for members that have a similar personality to you once the test is completed.

You can still search for people based on appearance, lifestyle, online members, etc. if you are not satisfied with the results from the automatic searches and matches.

Christian Mingle Mode of Communication

Once you have paid your subscription you would be offered with different options to initiate a chat with your contacts. You can start with viewing those who had gone through your profile. You can send start a chat with a smile, spark or E-card to show your interest in them. You can also have the option to indicate that you are a secret admirer see if they also have an interest in you.

Christian Mingle Privacy

There has been a growing concern over the user’s privacy and before joining any platform, it is very important to check to see if they will respect it. Christian Mingle is one of the good guys, the site respects your privacy and makes your privacy and safety their priority. This is why it also provides you with safety tips and warning signs when chatting with your contacts. They also provide you with some tips on your conduct when you are meeting anyone for the first time. This includes being cautious about releasing any of your financial info.

In terms of privacy options, you can choose to hide a person from your search, block any unwanted contact/member from chatting with you. You can also adjust your status to “offline” if you don’t want to entertain any messages.

You also have the option to report any suspecting member to the support team/staff. From the foregoing, you can see that they go the extra mile in keeping their site safe for you.

Customer Support

If you stumble into any issue or problem, their customer support team is just a click/call away. They have a set of well-trained staff that applies discretion, courtesy, and objectivity in their responses. Offering you with a 24-hour customer support service experience. They also have a well detailed FAQs section which can provide an immediate solution to some issues and inquiries.