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Corrlinks is a well secure server for email that is designed to reach those in prison. Corrlinks Inmate Email Login helps friends and family to reach their individuals in prison through the e-mail system.

The email program is in partnership with ATG which stands for Advance Technologies Group. The program is designed to enhance communication with an inmate as the connection allows the inmates to have communication with those in the outside world via email address.Corrlinks Inmate Email Login

How to Login Corrlinks Inmate Email | Login Corrlinks Inmate Email

To have access to this service, any family member can visit www. and enter an email address and password on file with the system. With that, you will be logged into the email account where you can now write an email message to the inmate.

How to Login Corrlinks Inmate Email from A mobile device

For those that want to access this webmail service via their mobile, you can choose to download the app to your phone or go to the web address at Users will stand to gain the same advantage on a mobile same way they do on desktop view.

Mobile Application of Corrlinks Inmate Email

The mobile app for this email service Is available for both android and iOS operating system. So you can download and complete your Corrlinks Inmate Email Login on the app platform same way as web version.

To download Corrlinks Inmate Email app for iOS click here

To download Corrlinks Inmate Email app for Android click here

How to Register Corrlinks Inmate Email

For those outside the prison, you can register for a Corrlinks account by

  1. Visit and click sign up button
  2. Corrlinks will need you to enter some information about you like Email Address, Re-Type Email Address, and Enter a password, re-type the password, enter your identification code and you will receive an email. Click on the accept terms and conditions button to complete the sign-up process.

How to block Contact with An inmate

You can run into a situation where you wound not want further communication with a certain inmate. You can choose to block contact and stop communication with that inmate, click here to access the link blockage. Again, You will need to enter your email and Identification Code.

This will help block the contact with the said inmate. What that means is that the inmate can no longer reach you because you have successfully opted out of the Corrlinks email service. That is great.