Create Gmail Account – A simple Gmail sign Up process You need to know

Gmail email has over the years turned out to be the most used and most secure webmail service. It is now a household name.Create Gmail Account

Gmail comes with lots of advance and great features that will suit your need. To access these features Gmail and other Google services, you will need to Create Gmail Account.

I will like to inform users that are new that Gmail is a complete email provider that gives users access to other Gmail services like Adsense, Youtube, Google sheet, Google drive, Google Doc and more.

To gain access to these services, you will need to setup a Create Gmail Account. With the account, users can send and receive emails from any were in the world.

Setting up Gmail account is never a pesky venture as our tutorial will give user easy ride to Gmail sign up the process.

How To Create Gmail Account – Gmail Sign Up Process

Logo on to on your browser.

Click on create account button.

Enter your details (name, age, sex, gender, password and the username) as may be required in the online form displayed.

Verify using your mobile number.

Click on continue to complete the Gmail registration process.

Note: Ensure that your password is strong and difficult to break or spammed easily. Do this by mixing your password with capital letters, special characters and figures.

Make sure you are verifying with your own phone. This same cell phone number could be used to retrieve your password and account. A notification is sent each time the email details are tampered with.

To delete Gmail account, this phone number and password are strongly needed.

With your verification done, you have successfully created your Gmail email account. You can now start enjoying Gmail features and users can choose from any of the Gmail themes.

Hope this was helpful?