This article discusses  credit bureaus you do not know about. Perhaps, you were previously conversant with the 3 major credit bureaus. They are  Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. Even though they are the most widely used, they are not the only ones at all.  You will learn many more credit bureau agencies in this article.   These agencies do not work on their own, they are subject to federal laws and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  They give accurate information. You can dispute any information you are sure should not be in your report.

Moreover, these agencies as well  give free credit reports to card holders annually. To get your report, simply  contact the agency directly either by phone or via their website.

These credit bureaus include the followings:Credit Bureaus You Do Not Know About

Credit Bureaus You Do Not Know About : CoreLogic Credco

This is a credit bureau that gives combined credit files to major lenders like mortgage and auto loan lenders. The credit file contains  your information from all three credit bureaus in a single file. It as well gathers personal information such as consumer bankruptcy, judgments, child support obligations and  property ownership.  Also, it gathers data on loan obligations, legal property filings, rental applications and collection accounts to completely get all your financial details.

Credit Bureaus You Do Not Know About : Certegy Check Services

Certegy Check Services mostly specialize in maintaining  a database of check writing history. This enables merchants to easily decide whether or not to  accept checks from consumers. They collect check wiring history and provide check screening services for retail businesses and merchants who accept checks. With this check, they have your positive and negative information. A business can decide to accept or decline your check based on the information Certegy Check provides. This goes a long way to protect merchants from fraud and people who are not credit worthy

Interestingly, you can check your report from Certegy Check Services to know when somebody writes a bad check with your name.

Credit Bureaus You Do Not Know About : ChexSystems

This credit bureau is basically for cardholders with checking accounts. It does not add your traditional credit report except you have an overdraft going to a collection agency. How does it work? On your application for a checking account, the bank carefully reviews your account with ChexSystems. Also, they decide on your approval or denial. It exclusively gathers and reports data on checking account applications, openings, closings, and the reason for the bank account being closed. Ensure that you review your checking account yearly to know if your data is accurately kept. Negative information prevents you from opening a new checking account and switching banks.


Innovis gathers similar information to the big three credit bureaus. In addition, Innovis supplies ID verification data that detects and prevents fraud. A lot of firms use it for pre-screening potential customers.  Some even call it the 4th credit bureau. Innovis as well gathers rent payments, magazine subscriptions, and utility bills data.

Clarity Services

Experian utilizes information gathered by Clarity Services to draft its Clear Early Risk Score.  The information they provide enables lenders examine non-prime consumers who are considering alternative financing.

Clarity Services provide and gather data on credit transactions not added in  traditional credit reports from the major credit bureaus. It as well concentrates on businesses in subprime lending. Such businesses include: auto title loans, payday loans, installment loans, check cashing services, and rent-to-own firms. Clarity Services provides a printable form that you can mail or fax along with a copy of your government-issued ID to request a copy of your credit report.

CoreLogic Teletrack

This basically  reports on  a lot of  of subprime lending products. The products include  rent-to-own business,  payday loans, furniture stores, auto finance, subprime credit card issuers, and debt buyers. These firms do  not necessarily  report to the three major credit bureaus. This means that your account with them will not surface in your major credit reports. The firms only have to review your credit report  and give you a loan based on the content. Print and mail a copy of the request form to request a free copy of your Teletrack credit report.