Delete Gmail Account – How to Delete Your Gmail Email Account

Google mail commonly called Gmail is presently one of the leading email service providers. It gives users access to free email hosting worldwide.

Presently, Gmail account is rated as the most secure webmail service and therefore has lots of client in the world.

How to Delete Gmail Account

Sometimes, users could run into a situation where they set up new Gmail email account and want to Delete their old Gmail account.

The process of deleting your Gmail account is not as easy as the pronunciation.

Many other web email service providers like Yahoo mail, Hotmail, GMX, Rediffmail and more gives users access to deleting their emails with ease, but Gmail email is not so. Gmail will require you to go through a step by step process to Delete Gmail Account.

Remember that a single Gmail account is use used to access other Gmail services like Adsense, Youtube, Google plus and more. So Gmail will require you to choose from two options of deleting products attached to the email account or the entire Gmail account and data stored up in the very Gmail.

Steps How to Delete Gmail Account – Gmail Email Account

This simple steps below will teach you how to Delete Gmail Account.

Using your web browser on your PC, log on to Enter your correct email and password. Once you have completed your Gmail login, at the top right corner of your browser, click your profile picture. If you have not yet uploaded your profile picture, your picture will be represented with the first letter of your name. Click on it and click My Account.

Image one

This will by default open a separate tab on your browser. With the new page displayed, click Delete Your Account or Service under the Account Preferences. This is located on the right side of the screen.

Image 2

Here, you can either choose to delete some products you don’t want or the entire Google Account and Data.

Image 3

To delete Google Account and Data, you will see two options box to check before you can delete your Google account and data. On checking them, click Delete Account.

Image 4

This will display on your screen, you will need to enter the primary email account and current Password of your Google account. After that is done, you click Remove Gmail.

Option 2 Delete Products attached to the mail

This option will allow users to delete certain or all products using this email. So with this, users should select Delete Products from the option above. A screen will pop out asking you enter you email and password of your account correctly.

Image 5

Enter your new email account and password of the current mail.

With that, you have successfully deleted your Gmail account.

It takes two complete days for r all your data to be completely cleared out you old data.