Facebook is by far the largest social networking site out there, which means that no matter how good any online dating app might be, they can never come close to having the collection of users as Facebook offers. So it makes sense that if you are looking for online dating and you are looking for a platform where you will have more verities to choose from, then Facebook is the place to go to.

There is no better place to create a connection like Facebook, not with over two billion unique monthly visitors. No dating site in the world has that amount of user base so you can plainly see you have better opportunities for meeting your soul mate on Facebook if that is your primary objective than on other platforms.

How to Start Facebook Dating

As you might have figured out by now Facebook is a lot different from those other dating apps out there. This is mainly because on like conventional dating sites, Facebook was not created majorly for dating it is a social networking site. There is a huge difference between the two.Facebook Dating

So, to start online dating via Facebook, here are a couple of things you need to do:

  • The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your profile is beyond reproach this includes your posts, videos, and pictures. Maintaining a clean profile is paramount because no one likes weirdo and you want to be liked.
  • Always try to be nice and friendly. Maybe your friend’s shares a picture of someone cute who you like, just leave a nice comment that will make that person respond or you may politely tell your friend to introduce you to the person if they are friends.
  • If that was successful you can proceed to send the person a friend request.
  • You can then build a decent relationship with the person from there before asking the person out on a date. Please, don’t be in a rush to ask the person out if you have not built a relationship because it might sometime portray you as being too desperate.
  • If you are turned down, don’t take it hard, maintain your dignity and try not to bug her.

Facebook Dating Group

Another place to find a date on Facebook is on Facebook Dating groups. Here you get to get to meet with a lot of people dating just like you. Though you also have to be very careful about such groups because they are breeding ground for scammers and fraudsters too.