Facebook Game Room: How to Get Started

Facebook is the largest social network online, featuring a vast population of various interests and categories. The Facebook Gameroom is made up of people on Facebook whose main interest is strictly games. As you would have guessed this category consists of not only people in the US but this category is made up of people from different parts of the world which means all the countries that you know and even many you have not even heard of.  These people come together to play games, share games and even to watch games.

The Facebook Game Room offers you a huge choice of latest and trendiest games for your enjoyment. There is also the Facebook notification system that makes it really easy for you to keep up with the new game releases.  Meaning you are always the first to know when new games drop. To make things really interesting, the Facebook team had made sure to package it into an app. This guide will walk you through setting up this app and using it.

How to Install Facebook Game Room

The Facebook Game Room App was designed only for your PC. First, you will need to be running at least Windows 7 or a higher windows Operating system on your PC to be able to install this app. To get started;

  • Go to facebook.com/gameroom.
  • Click on the “download Game room” link.
  • Follow the outlined instructions to download and install the app.

The Game Room platform helps you improve your gaming skills over time by showing your daily progress level.  Each time you log in to Facebook you will be able to see your level and rewards.

Ways to play games on Facebook

There are about two ways where you can stumble upon the Facebook Game Room Games one of which is through an invite from a friend and the second is through a visit to the Facebook App Center. So you can either stumble upon these games at the App Center or be invited to play one by a family member or friend.

As of the time of composing this guide, this cool Facebook Game Room App was still restricted to windows OS users. If you are on a Mac or Linux based system you will have to get a PC that runs Windows 7 or higher windows OS version to be able to enjoy it. We do hope that it would be made available for Mac and Linux based PCs very soon.