Facebook Local App

The Facebook Local app is a standalone app which provides information on local businesses and reviews from Facebook users. It helps users find where to go for anything ranging from food to general items. It also helps them in knowing what to do and just about anything they need. This is because the reviews and recommendations are from real people who you can verify and trust.

This App is really unique in the sense that it lets you keep up with what was happening in your locality by incorporating calendar and event listings together with their reviews. So, whether you’re looking for something to do with friends this weekend or want to explore a new neighborhood, the Facebook Local App has got you covered.

This app is available for your iOS and Android devices. Amazingly it combines events and permanent places to a single search engine powered by Facebook’s 70 million business pages plus reviews and friends check-ins.

Features of the Facebook Local App

  • You can opt to add your phone’s calendars so that you can your plans in one place.
  • Offers you the option to search for events and activities happening near you on an interactive map that can be filtered according to time, category, location and more.
  • Offers you the option to view the most recent activity, events and places your friends are interacting with and updates from event hosts and pages you follow.
  • Option to opt for notifications on your upcoming events so you know if details change.
  • Offers recommendations based on trending activities with your friends, places you have been to in the past and pages you like.

How the Facebook Local App Works

  • The Facebook Local App home page displays shortcuts to view nearby restaurants, cafes, drinks, attractions, and more, as well as where friends and people you follow go. Also seen as a calendar of your day’s events, a Trending events feed guides to music, nightlife, art, and other happenings, and options to view everything going on, on certain days.
  • The Discover feed displays top suggestions and what’s popular with friends. The calendar tab lays out all your Event invites and RSVPs, and you can also import your phone’s calendars to have everything in one place. The Facebook Local app enables you to change your location, to see what’s happening in another city if you are traveling.
  • Facebook users who don’t use the standalone app, can still benefit from this app since Facebook and Facebook Local share the same code, thus when it improves something like the ability to search for a particular item, those enhancements reflects back to Facebook immediately.

Facebook’s mission with this app, is to “Bring the world closer together”, by bundling nightlife, with local business listings, Facebook events can only get better and wider coverage on Facebook with users all over the globe.