Get PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan For Three years

Identity Theft is one thing we don’t pray for. It is also a sad new seeing the measure of damage this could cause. The best way out is to seek for a solution than being a victim.

Statistics has it in the United States, Identity Theft is presently the number one crime. It happens every three seconds. More than 120 million adults have been affected in the past 10 months. Hackers have attacked almost half of the American population in one way or another. Most victims lose as high as $6400 before they even notice they are been hacked.

Actually, no Identity Theft Protection service can protect you from being attracted, but they can prevent it. What Identity Theft Protection service does is that it uses the statistics from CRAs to view activities in your account. With this regular watch on your account, you can prevent or detect early any form of attack. But the data from Identity Theft Protection service cannot tell you’re the amount withdrawn from your account and cannot tell if someone has filed a tax return or collected a tax refund with your name.

In spite of the challenges, it is a wise thing to do when you go for the services of Identity Theft Protection. This is where PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection comes in. it is specially designed for TrippleClicks Members.

The good part of it is that it covers your entire family member and spans for three years for $179.

Other benefits of PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection

  • Comprehensive coverage for the entire family.
  • It comes with a PROACTIVE monitoring system.
  • It gives a fully-managed family identity recovery service.
  • $25,000 service Guarantee and more.

This time around, Identity Theft has exceeded that of a credit card. This time around, we now have;

  • Drivers License Identity Theft.
  • Social Security Identity Theft,
  • Medical Identity Theft.
  • Character Or Criminal Identity Theft as well as.
  • Financial Identity Theft.

As it stands, someone can do away with your current account, investment account and destroy your credit rate when you are not protected or alert to notice it early enough.

This service helps you monitor lots of public data sources to protect against ID theft and its potentially life-altering effects for victims.

For those that fall victim to ID theft, PrivacyMaxx professional team can help in recovery.

You will be able to get Premium Internet Monitoring and Public/Private Database Address Monitoring, Family Coverage, Fully-Managed Identity Recovery, $25,000.00 Service Guarantee.