| How to Change Your Country Code For Mobile Number:- 

Country Code For Mobile Number on Your Gmail account is one of the features Google introduced. The essence is to ensure security and reduce spam. Every user of a Google Gmail account is mandated to verify their identity using the Gmail country code for a mobile number.

The security level of Gmail is one of the reasons its user base keep soaring. So when setting up your Gmail account for the first time, you are mandated to provide various identification details about your person. Details like your name, address, mobile number and more.

But the most important of them is the Gmail country code verification using your mobile number. It is so much important.

What is the Need of Changing Country Code For Mobile Number

This country code change will be needed for those that wrongly entered their country code or for some persons that have switch country. Google requires that you change this code to that of your present country of residence.

If you end up not correcting this, you might be denied some access by Google and this might lead to a security breach. So it is wise your change your default country code for a mobile number and this article will help you to achieve that.

How to Select Country Code For Mobile Number in

To get this done,

  1. You will first need to login to your Gmail account. You can follow this Gmail login tip to log in.
  2. With your account fully logged in, click on the Setting Icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  3. On the General Settings page, look out for Phone Numbers
  4. On the phone number section, you can now select our country code from the list of the drop down Menu.
  5. If the task is successful, then click on the save button to effect the change.

With the above guide, you have successfully made a change to your default country code for a mobile number. There will also be pop-ups by to confirm the new change. Most times, Gmail sends you mail to confirm the new change on your default Country Code For Mobile Number.

It is very important for those that wrongly set up their Gmail country code during Gmail Registration process and for those that changed the country.

This will help to login Gmail successfully without any stress of fear.