Gmail Login Page – Gmail email Login | Gmail Account Login at is another word for Google Mail. It is currently the largest in client size when it comes to email services. With Gmail, you can send and receive emails from across the globe from billions of email users. 

All you just need to do is to create Gmail account to start enjoying all the services that it brings your way. I will like users to know that a single Gmail email account give users access to other Google products like Google Play store, Google Music. Others are YouTube, Google Drive, Adsense, Google Hangout and more. is secure as Google serve its client with a secure server each time they login Google account.

Click this link for Gmail Sign in.

If you don’t have account Yet, You can click on Create Gmail Account to sign up with Gmail.

Requirements for Gmail Login or Gmail Sign Up

  1. To get any of the above done, users will need an internet-connected device like PC, Mobile Phone or tablet.
  2. Gmail sign in the process requires users to enter their correct Email address and Password. You can choose to enter just the email name without adding the If you still prefer to use the complete address, fine, just ensure the spelling is current for both the password and username.

Ensure to enter a secure password. You are free to use the combination of symbols, words, and numeric to strengthen your password. It should be something you can remember because, without the password, you can’t gain access to your Gmail account. Lots of people resolve to Delete Gmail Account because the lost their password. But if you lost your password, you can still go for Gmail password recovery.

How You can Login to Gmail Login Page

login Gmail, ensure your device is connected to the internet, launch your web browser (internet explorer, Firefox, chrome, edge, Opera mini, UC browser). Visit 

Username Space

With the browser opened, enter your username correctly. Check the box that reads remember username and password if you are using personal PC.

Password Space

To Gain access to your mail, ensure that you enter your email correctly. When login in, ensure that your computer cap lock is off to avoid complication. Enter all the characters correctly but if you are having difficulty, you can choose to use Recover Gmail Password.

With your Gmail and username and password, y entered, click sign in button to continue to Gmail inbox.

If for any reason you lost your Gmail Password or username, click help on the main page.

Next is for you to click on “I don’t know my username”.  Click on continue to visit the Gmail Email recovery page. Select the recovery method and the name. Select the actual method you want to use and follow the process to the last.

If you lost your password or you can now remember your password, follow the same process after entering your username. Click forgot my password. Select “I don’t know my password”

Key in the security Captcha that will be provided by Google mail.

This will take you to a page where you will reset Gmail Password.

Enter your new password and click Change Password.

With your Username and password made ready, you can now complete Your Gmail Login successfully.

Gmail App | Google mail App Download.

I recently moved up to using the Gmail app on my Smartphone. The one that turns me on is the Gmail inbox popularly called Inbox by Google.

To download this app is quite simple. Just move to your Smartphone app store and key in “Inbox” using the search box. When the app pops up, click to download straight to your phone.

Remember that Google mail services are all same whether on your PC browser, mobile or the app platform.

Google Mail Features

  • Tags And Category: Inbox tabs and category makes Gmail stand out from rivals— Yahoo mail, Hotmail, GMX, Rediffmail, Msn and more. This singular feature allows you to partition your emails into Promotion, Primary, Social and Update emails in the different tabs
  • Customization Of Theme: You can make your theme so unique to your taste by using the Gmail collection color, HD, Custom, Classic themes. Users are given the opportunity to choose from 30+ potential themes for free.
  • Group Chat: Gmail user can now engage friends online with the simplified Gmail chat. All you have to do it to look out for your friend and add them up so you can stand chatting with each other.
  • Switch Multiple Accounts: Yes! You can now switch the account without having to log in and out. This will favor mostly people like me that are having several Gmail accounts. You no more have to log out and login Gmail email as you can now use the simple Switch Multiple Accounts feature. All inbox from Gmail email can still allow you to access other email provider’s account.
  • Group Hangouts/Google: Group Hangouts or Google hangout is another additional feature aimed at getting Google mail users engaged while using their emails. Group Hangouts/Google let you gather videos of programs or initiatives around you. This service is similar to webinars. With it, you can package a video of your activities or hangouts on any topic, add and share with up to 10 of your friends online.
  • Voice Calls Permit me to say that Google mail is all in one Gmail. While they provide you with first-class mailing service, the user can also make voice/video calls for free. Remember that you are not paying any fine for the calls you make on
  • Gmail Drive: Gmail Drive is a free storage facility for Google mail users. If you are not comfortable with allotted memory space provided by Google mail, you can take advantage of the Gmail Drive storage. This is an excellent service that will help you get additional 15 Gigabytes of free storage, and you can upgrade later up to 30 Terabytes for the paid version.

How Those On Mobile Devices Can Access Google Mail At Www.Gmail.Com

Ensure that you are having a Good network connection (3G or higher)

For effective video calls, users should have a front camera phone

Your mobile device could be Android, iPhone or windows phone

How Those On Desktop Devices Can Access Google Mail At Www.Gmail.Com

Make sure your device is running on any of say:

Windows XP, 7,8, 8.1 or Windows 10

For those on Mac, Mac OSX 10.7+ the latest OS

Ensure that your browsers (Firefox, Opera mini, IE9+, Google Chrome, UC browser, Safari) are in good working condition.

How To Set-Up Google Mail Account. Gmail Sign Up, Create  New Gmail Account.

To process to creating a Gmail email account is quite simple. Before we continue, I will quickly inform you of the requirements from Google mail. To set up a new account, users will have to provide the following basic information — your name, birthdate, gender, and location and more.

Now let us go straight to Gmail email sign up process proper.

How To Create Google Mail Account Or New Gmail Account:

  1. Firstly you will need to launch your browser.
  2. Log on to Gmail website to
  3. With that opened, Click on the Create an account button.
  4. This will provide you with a form that you will need to enter your basic sign up info with. Information such as your name, birthdates, and gender.
  5. Check Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy button and click Next Step.
  6. Google mail will like to verify that you are not a robot by sending you phone number verification text or call.
  7. You will be shown a page where you can Create your profile page, Google+ profile, photo at this time then you click next Step.
  8. Congratulation message will be sent to you to confirm you have successfully set up Gmail account. It will display a welcome page welcoming you to service.

With this, you can access your inbox, send and receive emails anywhere and anytime with your unique username and password