Gmail Registration – Signup On – If you have been using various available email service, you will agree with me that stands out.  Gmail offers its users much more from its various designs and features. This unique feature helps Gmail email service stand out in the webmail world.Gmail Registration

In this article, we will take our time to explain better on Gmail registration process and how you can own a Gmail account.

Learning how to signup Gmail at .com is easy to go by.

Statistics of Gmail

Google Mail, popularly called Gmail is the most used webmail service in the world. It comes with great features that put its rivals out of business. No wonder it presently has over 850 million active users today.

Advantages Of account

Gmail email login is not just about email service. With this email service, you can access automatically get you access other Google service. They are Google Chrome, blogger, YouTube, Adsense, Google Map, Google drive and more.

There is no other rival that gives you such offer.

How to Signup Gmail Email | Gmail Registration

Signing up Gmail is as easy abc. You can get this done by;

  1. Launching your browser and visit the Gmail official web page at or click this link to access the page.
  2. On opening, you will hand Gmail sign up form where you can enter your details. You are needed to enter name, username, date of birth, our present location and more.
  3. When you are done filling this form, crosscheck if you filled rightly. Then click Next Step to continue. You will be taken to the confirmation page where your verification code will be sent.
  4. If the verification goes on successfully, then you now a Gmail account holder. You have successfully registered Gmail email account.

With this signup, you can now login your Gmail with ease at your leisure. To learn how to login Gmail email account you can click here.

Gmail Password Recovery

You cannot access Gmail email account without the right password no matter how much you try.

For those that misplaced their Gmail password, you can do a password recovery to recover or reset your password. The lines below will guide you.

To get this done, you can click here. With the page opened, you can follow the process that follows to complete your Gmail Password recovery.

So this singular email password change will affect every other service offered by Google that is on this email account.

If you have other issues about this, you can contact Google community for better details.