Google Wallet Now Works On Multiple Bank Accounts; Ever since it was made public that  Google wallet has parted ways with Android pay, the services decided to add an update to its professional digital payment system by adding the feature of support to multiple bank accounts.Google wallet

Along with this update from Google wallet is new quick lock button, with a few bug fixes, visual and behind the scenes tweaks that is meant to separate its services from competitors in the digital payment system market.

This update also affected the new version of the Google wallet app v11.0-R234-v13, as there is now a significant difference in the way bank accounts works with the latest app.

Formally I used to add multiple cards to the app that are tired to one separate account, but this time around, I can easily add multiple debit and credit cards across multiple accounts with ease, a move that is so important in transfers.

The new Google Wallet app now comes with “Lock Now”.

Lock now feature helps in fast securing of the app to reduce cut off criminal activities and enhance security.

All users just have to do is to hit the button which automatically takes the app to a security code or PIN entry point of the app.

Even with the release, users should still expect a subsequent update in the coming days.