Do you know how to check credit score with financial  Institutions like Amex, Chase, and Experian?  The above institutions give free credit scores to both their cardholders and other borrowers from other firms. In recent times, many consumer credit websites give free credit scores. To have access to this, sign up for an online account. how to check credit score

Also, you can get a free FICO or VantageScore from any major credit bureau. Sign up for more than one to see your credit score in all the credit bureaus.

How to Check Credit Score; Credit Cards  Issuer Offering Free Credit Scores

Your private financial details are necessary for getting your credit score from any of the above institutions even though it is free to check your score.  Carefully review the printed details you are signing to see the permission you are granting them to review your credit report.  This is completely in consonance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

How to Check Credit Score; Bank of America

The Bank of America gives free  TransUnion FICO 8 credit scores to its cardholders. Just login and receive yours.

How to Check Credit Score; Barclays

Some Barclays Cardholders get free access to their TransUnion FICO credit score by logging in to their online account. Check your credit cards’ terms.

Capital One

Capital One’s Credit Wise tool gives all consumers access to their TransUnion VantageScore 3.0. Capital One cardholders can use their existing Capital One login information to access CreditWise.

American Express

Experian FICO 8 credit score is freely accessed by American Express primary cardholders.  They only have to keep their accounts active on a monthly basis to receive the billing statements.  Even new cardholders can get their FICO score within 2 days. Log into your American Express online account to view this.

Furthermore,  a free TransUnion VantageScore 3.0 is given by the American Express  for all consumers through MyCreditWise


Chase once gave a free credit score only to its Slate cardholders. Their newly launched Chase Credit Journey program gives a free credit score to all consumers whether you are using Chase credit card or not.

U.S. Bank

The U. S.  Bank gives its cardholders their TransUnion credit score for free monthly.

Creating an account will give you access to your TransUnion VantageScore 3.0.


With the Discover’s Credit Score Card the Experian FICO 8 credit score is accessible to all cardholders.


USAA permits its cardholders to see their Experian VantageScore 3.0 monthly through  Experian’s credit check service. This offer is open to serving and retired soldiers and their relatives and spouses.

Wells Fargo

It gives free Experian FICO 9 credit score to primary cardholders. It as well provides valid updates monthly on how to improve credit score.


Citi is at present the only credit card issuer giving access to an Equifax credit score—but only to some credit card holders. If your credit card is eligible, you can log in to receive access to your Fico Bankcard score8, which is updated monthly.

Grab The Opportunity To  Improve Your Credit Score

Since the majority of the scores you receive give you tips on how to improve your score, why not work on them? Why not decide to avoid late payments? Working on the tips you receive on a monthly basis will greatly improve your credit score.