How To Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Credit Card

Do you know how to recover your lost or stolen credit card? Have you ever lost your credit card? Losing a credit card is like losing a car key or one’s most precious gold. Your fear is that the wrong person or a thief may pick it. You feel insecure and do not know how to get it back.  What can you do to recover your lost or stolen credit card?How To Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Credit Card

How To Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Credit Card : Report To The Card Issuer

The moment you lose your card, quickly inform your card issuer. Your credit card issuer’s number is at the back of your credit card. Copy the number somewhere in case of an eventuality like this. Since you are not with your card now, you can get the number from your billing statement. You can as well report this at your credit card issuer’s website as soon as possible.

Tell your card issuer these information :

  1. Your account number and your Social Security Number
  2. When your card got missing.
  3. Your last purchase date, if you can remember.

Depending on the creditor, they may quickly give you a replacement but it comes with some charges.

Moreover, write a letter to your creditor indicating that your credit card is missing. Supply your account number, date of loss or theft, first date the loss was reported, and the last authorized transaction. This will prove  that you reported the loss.

How To Recover Your Lost Or Stolen Credit Card : Handling Unauthorized Charges

The Fair Credit Billing Act gives you a protection against your unauthorized charges. According to the federal law, when unauthorized charges are made with your missing credit card, the maximum amount you can be liable for is $50. If someone makes charges after you report the card as lost or stolen, you have no liability. In a situation that the charges are made before you report the loss, your creditor can ask you to pay up to $50. Now you know the importance of reporting early.

Continuously review your billing statement for months after the loss. If you see  any unauthorized charges with your credit card, report immediately to your creditor.

How To Avoid Losing Another Card

Do the followings to ensure that you do not lose your credit card :

  1. Save names and contacts of all your credit card issuers. Keep this list where you can easily find it in case of an emergency.
  2. Keep your cards safe. While going out, take only the one you need and be careful with it especially when you are in a rowdy place.
  3. Let your credit cards perfectly fit into the slots of your wallet. If your wallet is  loose, you can buy another one. Your card just have to be very safe.
  4. Whenever your credit card is in a bag, wallet or purse, close them (i.e. the purse, bag and wallet) and keep them within your reach. You can hold your bag tight or keep it handy.

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