How To Remove Debt Collections From Your Credit Report

In this article, we will learn how to remove debt collections from your credit report. Do you have debt collections due to many months of unpaid dues? It can be very annoying since the debt collectors keep coming after you. They call, send letters and do much more to ensure that you pay your debt.

Moreover, the debt collector  lists the account on your credit report indicating that you have an outstanding debt. It is the outstanding debt that affects your credit score negatively. This entry remains on your credit report for seven years for future creditors and lenders to see and examine. Why not remove them from your report? How can you remove them?how to remove debt collections from your credit report

How To Remove Debt Collections From Your Credit Report : Pay For Delete

In a situation that you cannot successfully dispute the debt, you can pay the collector to remove the debt from your report. Do this by writing a letter to the collector , indicate your interest to pay him to cancel the debt. If he agrees, write and sign an agreement with him. Then make the payment. Do not make a payment when you have no written proof of agreement. Ensure that you send all correspondence to the debt collector through certified mail with return receipt requested.

Also, after paying, check your credit report to ensure the entry is deleted. If not, dispute it and provide the credit bureau with a copy of your agreement with the debt collector and proof of payment.

How To Remove Debt Collections From Your Credit Report : After Seven Years, Dispute It

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) only permits collections to last just 7 years on your report. However, some funny collectors usually try to re-age a debt, they do this to make the collection last longer on your report. When the seven -year reporting period is over, dispute the debt from your report. Ensure you give a proof from the first day of delinquency as well as when the debt collection went into effect.

If The Collection Is Not Yours  Dispute It

You know what, if the debt is not your debt, you don’t have to pay it. Collectors should not list it on your credit report. With a valid proof, dispute the report and have the credit bureaus remove this from your report.

However, if it is yours, the collector is  legally able to collect from you. If the debt collector first contacted you within the past 30 days, request for debt validation. The collector MUST give a proof that you owe the debt. If the he can’t validate the debt or doesn’t respond to your request, the debt  will be removed from your report. In most cases, the debt collector usually validates the debt, and you have to pay them.

Dispute When Collectors Sell

When collectors sell debt to other collectors, there is usually a tendency that the collection agency on your report is not the agency collecting your debt now. What can you do? Dispute the previous collection with the credit bureaus and have it removed. You know that if they do not respond to the dispute, the credit bureaus will remove the collection from your report.

The Last Alternative

In case all other options do not work, pay the collection. That is the best option. It is a proof that you can correct your mistakes and take responsibility for your action. You know that after the credit reporting time frame, the collection will completely fall out of your report.

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