Inbox by Gmail | How to Download inbox By Gmail For Android

Google have made emailing easier than we expect with the coming of Inbox by Gmail. It is an all in one approach and a great innovation to the webmail world. Come let us take a walk through into what Inbox by Gmail is all about.Inbox by Gmail

Inbox by Gmail is an app designed by Gmail to easy the stress we go through when sending emails. This email app was built to make your email professional in the look and in its operation.

What you need to know about Inbox by Gmail

This email app has gone ahead of other webmail services. Yahoo mail recently introduced similar app called Yahoo mail app for Android. This is all meant to make your emailing work simpler.

Now let us go back to our main topic.

The following are the features of Gmail Inbox App

  1. Preview Of Attachment: users now have the option of previewing the content of their attachment. This preview will allow the user know the importance of the attachment if to read or download now or later.
  2. Flexibility: The app brings some level of accessibility. The mailbox comes with a new level flexibility all bundled together.
  3. Mail Snooze: user can now snooze email messages using the snooze option from Inbox by Gmail.
  4. Better In Email Handling: This inbox can handle your regular email messages and do a better job in the way you manage your emails.
  5. Pin Feature: The new inbox revolution now has the option that allows users to pin emails. This pinning of emails will allow email users to keep tab of your most important email.
  6. Bundled In The Inbox Feature: Inbox by Gmail comes with a feature called Bundled in the Inbox. This option helps to ease the day to day stress we go through. This option will allow users to access sections like Purchases, Trip, finance and more. Users can follow up these important activities with just downloading Inbox by Gmail.

Download and Installing Inbox by Gmail

To get this app downloaded into your devices and running, you will have to click here to download. You can choose to download from Google Play Store by visiting Google Play app, search Inbox app, click to download and install.

Once installed, you can add your Gmail account and any other account you want to be viewing from the same app inbox.