Master Card | Benefits of MasterCard Go Program

MasterCard Incorporated is the leading Multinational Company based in The United states. It has its head office in New York. It’s core interest if to ensure a cashless payment system with lots of convenience for users worldwide. It is a major secure way of payment cashless.

Master card is leading credit card that there is. Are you a debit MasterCard holder? Then this article is for you. All debit MasterCard holders all allows joining this great group for only Cardholders that receive Funds using the new Go Program. This allows you to take advantage of the 24/7 service that it offers. With this service, cardholders will be able to print statement of account, check balance, view account details all online.

What you Need to Know About MasterCard Go Program

I will make you know once more that Go Program is from MasterCard as we know, MasterCard a world class card based in the America. You can use you MasterCard to make a purchase in any of the leading retail outlets and pay various bills online.

To compliment these range of services from MasterCard, it then introduces MasterCard Go program. It is an intervention that helps cardholders gets convenient and faster service online. Users can access funds deposited directly to cardholder’s debit card account. What is means is that your payment will be automatically deducted from your balance if you swipe your card at the checkout.

Advantages of MasterCard Go Program

Users will be able to:

  • Gain access to money deposited into the account directly.
  • They have access to 24/7 customer service support.
  • They can view transaction on their account, account details, statements of account and more.

When you are on to the service, you will be sure treated with lots of options that we would not mention here. Most especially is the great community interaction section where you can meet similar users and share your experience with them.

Another great feature is the automated deposit notification, you will be able to get your credit alert through this medium with ease.

How to Activate MasterCard for MasterCard Go Program

There are two ways to activate your MasterCard for this service. They are through your mobile phone or through email.

To activate it through you email is same activating through your online process. It will require you to follow the follow the instructions you were given to create an online account; that is through User ID and Password.

This will be followed be Personal Identification Number (PIN) Selection in the Sub-menu.

For those that prefer the mobile activation, you can call the online support person and follow the guide.