Microsoft Selfie APK – Download Latest Version Of Microsoft Selfie APK:- Microsoft Selfie APK is one of the leading photo snappings and sharing app out there. We all know how photo snapping and sharing has changed lately. This revolution brought the

This revolution brought the coming off lots of image-based social media networks like Instagram, Snapchat, facebook google plus and more. All of this helps to show how we can now use images to express our mood, feelings and show what is happening around selfie apk

Today, our attention will shift to one of the latest selfie app the market. It is no other than Microsoft Selfie APK. The app runs on different OS as iOS and Android Users are not left of the fun.

Functions of Microsoft Selfie APK

Microsoft Selfie APK was specifically built for image enhancement. Most time we shoot great images that are worth sharing only to notice some flaws. With Microsoft image enhancement app, that era is over as you can now add some classical editing feature to your pictures with ease.

This app considers age, your skin tone, lighting as well as gender when improving your images. Your photo quality will be moved to a new look with this app. It comes handy its list of tools aims at improving that image.

It allows users to add several effects and lots more. Download and use today to see the magic-laden in this app.

How to use Microsoft Selfie APK

This app is not complicated to use. A simple click is what you need to apply and you will see your images transform beyond your below.

It does not leave the image artificial rather it improves the look and enhances the image. Take your fun life to a new level with this app.

Download Microsoft APK  App to your Device

This app is up for free download. To download Microsoft Selfie APK, click here. Install and start enhancing those bad photos.