MSN Hotmail Online Login | Login Msn Hotmail at

MSN Hotmail Online Login | Login Msn Hotmail at

MSN Hotmail which interchangeably can be called Microsoft Outlook as well as window Live email webmail service provider. MSN Hotmail is a free email rendering company running with Microsoft server. Though free, it can be upgraded to get higher and better service, storage and convenience. Presently, Hotmail email is available in 36 major languages of the world. You can access Msn Hotmail through the mobile of the desktop version.msn hotmail

How to login MSN Hotmail Online

To gain access to your email address, you must firstly login to your account.

To do this;

  1. Visit the official web page of MSN Hotmail at
  2. Look out for the login button o sign in MSN Hotmail and click on it.
  3. With that done, enter you login User ID and password to access your MSN Hotmail online. You can check the Please Remember button for easy login access. If you are not using your own personal system, please don’t check the button to avoid external access.
  4. Click on the Sign in button to continue to your sign in page.

Forgot Password

Sometimes we might run into a situation where we misplace our logging details. To correct that, from the sign in place, look out for “Can’t Access Your Account” button. It will take you to a page where you will be given the option and assistance in recovering your account.

There will be options displayed, click on the bubble next to the one relating to the issue you are having and then click next.

This will take you to the “Recover your account” page. You will need to enter your email. A human verification will be needed from Hotmail.  So type in the Character displayed by Captcha.

With this done, you will be redirected to the new password creation point where you can now login MSN Hotmail account with the new password.

MSN Hotmail Mobile Login
For those that prefer to use their mobile to access their MSN account, you can either download the app or go to the mobile web page. If you are interested in MSN Hotmail mobile app download, it is available for various OS. Download the app and sign in with ease just the same way you will on PC. You are sure to get similar experience as you world on PC login.

Download MSN Hotmail Applications

The window live app is available for free download.

Download Msn app for iPhone

Download Msn app For Windows mobile

Download Msn app For Android

So when you are through with the download, go to sign in Window live or Hotmail email service.

How to Sign Up

1.To sign up for MSN email, visit, from the login page look out for “Sign Up now’ and click on it.

  1. This will lead you to a page where you will create an account.
  2. There are basic details that will be needed of you like

Your First name

Your Last name

Enter a Username

Enter a Password

Re-enter the password

Enter your Country/Region – (select from the drop down box)

Enter your Birthdate –  (select from the drop-down boxes)

Select Your Gender – (select from the drop down box)

Enter your Country Code for your phone number – (select from the drop down box)

Enter your Telephone number.

With this done, click on “Create Account” button to get your MSN Hotmail Email account.

For more detail, you can contact the MSN Helpline: 1.800.202.5571.

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