Not Using Credit Cards | Tips To Stop Using It

Not Using Credit Cards is not easy. This is especially when you have become used to using your credit card for a lot of purchases. When you have gathered too much debt, the best thing to do is to stop using your credit card. Is it really possible not to use your credit card? What tips can help you to stop using it? Let’s consider the followings:not using credit cards

Not Using Credit Cards: Decide Not To Use Your Card

Have you ever grounded your child for committing an offense? He keeps begging you but you have already made your decision. The same way you decide not to change your mind concerning the child is exactly what you should do about your card. Decide not to use it and do not ever go back on your word no matter what. That is discipline and self-control.

Not Using Credit Cards: Close Your Card

If you are really having a hard time not using your credit cards, then close them. Tell your creditor to deactivate your credit cards.

However, do not close a card that has an outstanding balance or when you do not have a credit history. Do not close a card that is your only card. Closing cards will make creditors not to pull your report when you want to apply for another card or loan. They can easily deny your approval.

Not Using Credit Cards : Lock Your Cards

This may mean keeping them in a closet you hardly go to or at the bottom of your laundry. Wherever you can keep it safe and out of your reach, let it remain there. This will completely keep you from using your credit card. You can as well freeze your account.

Cut Your Credit Card Into Pieces

Once you cut your card into pieces with scissors or shredders, you are now free. You do not need to use it any longer. Ensure that the credit card number will not be identified by thieves. You can safely dispose of them.

Have A Rethink

Before you decide to use your card, carefully consider the followings:

  1. The amount of money you use in paying interest yearly.
  2. The annual, balance transfer and other fees that go with the card.
  3. How long it will take you to pay off whatever debt you may accumulate with the card. You can check your report and billing statement to learn what it says about how long and how much it will take to pay your debt. Why can’t you use the money for other things more meaningful?

Considering the above circumstances will help you not to use your card.

Leave Them at Home

Keeping your credit card at home is another strategy. This will help you to use your card for your purchases. Before going out, let the cards be at home.

Take your credit cards out of your wallet before you go shopping. If you get the urge to buy something, you’ll either have to use cash or come back for the item once you have your credit card.

Reward Yourself

This is important. If at the end of the week, you discover that you did not use your credit card, then clap for yourself. It has been proven that positive reinforcement is a powerful tool in forming good habits. Keep encouraging yourself until you completely stop using your credit cards.


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