Oppo china has announced that it will jettison the  formal customization of OS that it is known for. Oppo mobile is well known in china and its oppo mobile function in a near Android OS.Oppo

With this pronouncement, users can now strip the formal customization ways and go for the  a nearly stock version of Android today (oppo android phone) which is a clear mimic of Android Lollipop and some few Oppo software mixed.

This Few Oppo software will affect its camera app, audio tools, and gesture support. This new near Android release from the mobile giant is called “Project Spectrum”. Project Spectrum is expected to be available for Oppo Find 7 and Find 7a phones for now with while that of other models will come up soon.

This updated version of Android Marshmallow will be expected to hit the market sometime early next year. What this means is that Oppo phone will still retain its ColorOS — its take on Android — and allow end users to further install any further release this will be coming up.

The aim of this is to broaden market capitalization of this mobile phone giant outside the Chinese soil, and “better connect to consumers in Western markets,” who tend to prefer fewer personalizations away from the normal Android OS.

The new improvement will cause localized additions, including different app stores or payment systems.

This is a great news from this Oppo digital even though they are not showing any further sign of penetrating US market.