How to Permanently Close Your Yahoo Mail Account

We have been hearing the news of Yahoo Mail being hacked. This is the basis of this article, to help learn how you can permanently terminate your account with ease.How to Permanently Close Your Yahoo Mail Account

For those that has been having an issue with closing their Yahoo mail account, and are stumped on the way to get that done, this article is for you. Some have run into a situation where they can’t find the link to terminating their account, this FAQ will give you a clue on how to go.

N.B. I will want to inform you that deleting your Yahoo mail account will deny you access to access Flickr, contact and any other services that are been offered by Yahoo.

How to Delete Your Yahoo Mail Account | How to Permanently Close Your Yahoo Mail Account

to get this done, you will need to sign in your Yahoo mail account. On opening, go to Help > My Account > Register or delete account > Closing your Yahoo account > Account termination. This simple process will kick-start the account termination process.

It will demand you to re-entering your logging process which you must do.

This will be followed by account termination notification. When you are done the reading, ensure that you confirm the process that you really want to terminate your yahoo mail account. Re-enter your logging details and fill in the CAPTCHA. Click YES to delete the account

Note: the process doesn’t just happen as Yahoo will complete the process within 90 days. within the stipulated 90 days, make sure that you don’t access the account at all or else, it will nullify the termination process you have initiated.