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Salesforce Login is all you need to gain access to Salesforce products and services. Salesforce online is one of the leading cloud computing company that is located in San Francisco, California. The company presently generates its income from CRM product. Another good and aim of this company is that Salesforce is into commercialization of social network.Salesforce Login

A simple Salesforce Login brings you lots of benefits like accessing task management system as well as another plug-in that plays important roles in social media communication.

This article is aimed at guiding you to login with ease.

Salesforce Login Process

The salesforce Login process tutorial will give you a simple guide on how to use salesforce online portal without stress. The instruction below will guide you on how to get the multiple advantages that Salesforce Login brings

  1. Visit the Salesforce home page at www.
  2. With the page opened, look out for the login button.
  3. As the page opens, fill in your User ID which is your Username and password
  4. With that done, click the login button to login Salesforce account online

Salesforce Mobile Login Process for Apple Phones

If you are having a phone that runs on iOS, you can as well gain unhindered access to your Salesforce account using Salesforce app. To get this done,

  1. Ensure your device is internet enabled and visit your app store
  2. Use the search button to search, download and install application for Salesforce.
  3. With the page opened, key in your logging details and click login to access your account.

Salesforce Mobile Login Process for Android User

If your device is running an Android OS, You can access you Salesforce account online by

  1. Visiting your Google Play Store
  2. Look out for Salesforce application and
  3. Locate, download and install on your Android Device
  4. With the app installed, launch and login using your login details.

Other Salesforce Login Troubleshooting

You may run into issues if you fail to login Salesforce account with your right login details. Salesforce1 app is one of them. So if you find out that you used the wrong password, you can go for a password reset and by clicking on the Forgot Password. This will take you to the page for password reset.

There could be instances for Sandbox, Custom, or Production. Make sure that your profile has a good access to the application.

You can contact the administrator and ask for approval when you suspect the wrong issue.

Those that have issues with the PC Portal can clear their browser cache.

Note that Salesforce1 does no longer give users with Explorer version 7 and 8 Supports

If the issue continues, you can use the community page to seek further help.