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Shaw Webmail: Shaw Telecom, a broadband supplier is known for its outstanding customer service has launched a new product in town. This product is geared towards chatting and interactions with its customers.

The product known as Shaw webmail is a dedicated email service that is free to new users when they purchase a broadband package from Shaw the email service allows them to send and receive emails.Shaw Webmail Login

Recently Shaw has raised its internet speed tiers and this improvement has led to the company being a recipient of many awards for the quality and speed of the network connection they deliver.

Shaw webmail is an exciting package launched by the Canadian based company this has made then firm and their base as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada.

Shaw Webmail Login Process

If you are a user of this great email service, the following steps will guide you on how to complete your shaw webmail login

  • Go to your browser and visit
  • Look out for the space provided for shaw email and password, enter both of them respectively
  • You can check the ‘Remember Shaw Email’ button to help save your login details if you are using your own device.
  • Then, click the ‘Sign in’ to access your shaw webmail with ease.

Users that need further help can click the ‘Help’ button at the corner of the login page to get further shaw webmail login help.

About the Shaw Webmail Login

Shaw Inc. is a telecom company founded in Alberta, Canada in the year 1966. The brand is a big fish provider of services such as mobile internet, telephone and TV services as well as providing mass media connected services.

Using its world-class fiber-optic network, Shaw provides quality services in a lot of cities in Canada such as; British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskat chewan and Northern Ontario. One of its major subsidiaries is wind mobile that is known for mobile services in town areas.

History Of Shaw Webmail:

The great dynasty that is Shaw telecom, a company which makes revenue of about CAD$ 5 billion annually had humble beginnings. It started as the Capital Cable Television Company Ltd.

The company was then renamed as Shaw in 1983 when it went public and has since been growing through mergers and acquisitions until what we have currently.

In 2008 shaw went into the AWS spectrum to become a wireless phone provider and the next year it expanded to broadcasting by purchasing three TV stations. Three years later shaw underwent a corporate makeover acquiring a new slogan and logo in the process.

Shaw Webmail Settings: Shaw EMail Settings On Android & iPhone Mobiles:

Like every other email service on the internet, Shaw has some settings that are targeted at making the user experience smooth and very easy. The default username at Shaw webmail is and it works on IMAP protocol. The Shaw webmail service has SSL (secure sockets layer) service turned on by default for both the IMAP and the SMTP.

This ensures that the data produced by users are adequately protected and that the data are not vulnerable to hackers. The servers for the incoming and outgoing emails are the same and it is called while the default ports for incoming and outgoing are 993.

Shaw Webmail Login | Using Shaw Mail:

The Shaw webmail format is designed to mimic those of popular email services like the Gmail or Hotmail thereby helping to ensure ease of use and get used when using Shaw webmail. However, here are some tips that every email user should know,

  • When connecting to a public connection like free WI-FI, remember that you leave your device vulnerable to attacks from hackers.

Shaw webmail login page

All your private data on email are exposed and can be hacked since it is not a secure network. Also unless you are using a VPN all your activities can be tracked by the owner of the hotspot you are using.

Using Shaw Webmail On iOS And Android Smartphones | Shaw Webmail Mobile Access:

The Shaw webmail has another great advantage in that is can be accessed using a browser or an email App. All that is needed is an internet connection and you are good to go. You can either use the default browser on your phone or you can use an email app. by using settings like IMAP and SMTP that supports the email server.

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