Tesco Online Shopping

Tesco is one of the biggest retail companies in the world, offering groceries and general merchandise. When measured in terms of their profit margin they are the 3rd largest retailer, but in terms of revenue, they are among the first 10. Though in the UK they are the best when it comes to grocery shopping. It has its headquarters in England, the UK with shopping outlets in over 10 countries from across Asia to Europe.

Tesco over the years has gradually expanded its product niche to include items like books, electrical appliances, toys, gas and fuel products, etc. Their growth was not instantaneous but gradual, in the ’90s, they successfully built a large dedicated customer elevating themselves from the level of being a retailer of the down market to one that has the ability to reach across to many sets of customers.

This was done by offering their customers a wider range of products that would suit the needs of a wider audience/customer base. This upgrade was a success and sparked a massive increase in their total number of stores at their disposal in the mid-’90s.

Tesco Marketing Strategies – Tesco Online Shopping

No brand will ever succeed if no one knows about them. That is why marketing is an indispensable part of any company/brand. Tesco is not different either, over the years they have employed different marketing strategies in other to get their products into the hands of buyers. Here are some of their marketing strategies:

Advertising: The first strategy in most companies is advertising and it is a tried and tested strategy. Tesco makes huge use of written and printed materials for their advertisements to boost their sales. Although recently they have reduced their budget on adverts, they still invest heavily in printed materials because of the lasting impact the use of prints has had in the grocery industry.

Sales Promotion: They have used different forms of sales promotion in promoting their products and services like:

  1. Use of Club card: Club cards offers customers the ability to free vouchers from saving up points in a year while shopping with Tesco. This has always encouraged customers to shop more.
  2. Free gifts: Tesco Supermarts offer exciting promos which offer customers the ability to get free gifts when they shop. Popular among these promos is the buy one and get one free promo which is used to boost their sales especially during festive seasons.