Two Step Verification – Secure your Gmail email using Two-Step Verification

Hacking of email account has been a frequent story lately. We use our email in saving vital information, data, documents, messages, and transactions. Therefore, email accounts security must be given genuine attention.Two Step Verification

Not too long, we all knew how Yahoo mail server was hit by hackers and that raises a serious concern on the security of emails. This made Google come up with the concept of Two Step Verification or what is commonly called 2-factor authentication. It is a measure that adds an extra security layer to your Gmail email security.

 What You Need to Know About Two-Step Verification

When we talk about two-step verification, it is a straightforward thing. By default, our email password forms a single security layer to Gmail email account. The introduction of Two-Step Verification to our Gmail forms other layers that add extra defense to our Gmail account.

It functions by adding text messaging to your Gmail email which no one can hack yet.

What you do is to add your mobile number to your account. With this, each time somebody tries to login into your Gmail, a text message is sent to your phone. This message is a ten digit PIN that must be entered before anybody can access your Gmail. Each time your mail is been logged in through a separate IP, you receive this instant notification. Without entering the code, no user can gain access to your mailbox. These PINs are changed from time to time to ensure proper and secure security system.

How to Go about it

Ensure you have a working email and password. With it, complete your Gmail login process.

You can choose to use a working Smartphone or non-Smartphone.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification For Gmail Email

To complete the process, click Here.  This will take you to a page where you will enter your username and password of the email account you want to secure. When the page is up, click Start Setup to continue.

If the said account is the one logged in on the browser, it will require you to enter your password.

With that done, it will demand your enter your mobile number you want to use for the verification.

Ensure that the mobile number is your own personal mobile to avoid security flaws.

Remember that you cannot log into your after now without the said PIN number.

Click on send code to receive the initial verification for the phone number. Key in the said code to continue.

For those using a public computer, don’t check the box the reads “Trust this Computer”. On the next page, Click Next button and then click on confirm to complete the process.

How to Log into Your Gmail email account after completing Two Step Verification

I will advise you to login to your Gmail account from another device to test the potency of Two Step Verification. It will automatically send to your Phone a ten digit code which you must enter to gain access to your email.

Remember that these codes can only be used once and without it, you can’t access your page.

You can use this link to get better details about Two Step Verification process.