Verizon Wireless (Myverizon) Login account at

In the United States today, Verizon Wireless forms the league of the leading telecom services providers. Verizon Wireless core area is in the cell phone service. Outside the telecom area, Verizon is still popular in wireless TV services, High-speed internet, and email account services.Verizon Wireless 

The frontier of Verizon Wireless is not just on the domestic front, as Verizon is known to be providing telecom services to users in more than 200 nations.  No matter where you live in, Verizon is always out to serve you.

Verizon mobile phone is another good part of the company. They provide good cheap Verizon branded phones for their client across bored.

How to Login Verizon Wireless account online

To access Verizon account online, you will need to;

  1. Visit the official web page of Verizon at with your mobile app or browser. With the page opened, scroll down to the home page and take a look out for the Verizon sign in button.
  2. With you locating the sign in button, enter your user ID or mobile number. This will take you to the next page where you will need to enter your password.
  3. There are links that you can click on if you will to check your email from this location or view the pay bill online option.
  4. If you wish, you can select the save User ID and password button to help you save time next time you want to log in. it is not advisable to do if you are using a shared device or public system. You can now click on the “Sign in” button to complete your Verizon Wireless account login process.

When you are fully logged in to your Verizon account, you can now be able to

Review any accounts that you currently have

Make payment arrangements if needed

Check your balance and payment history

Review and add products and services

Get service and support

Get repair service

Login Verizon Wireless account through a mobile Device.

Most service of Verizon Wireless is on the mobile so it is most likely users visit the site with mobile. The truth remains that you will get a similar experience as you will on PC.

To get that done, visit and go to the “My Verizon” section. You can click the “Remain logged in” button to keep you signed in on the device mostly when you are using your personal device.

Login Verizon Wireless account Via Mobile Application

You can access your Verizon Wireless account through you Verizon mobile app. The mobile app is available for almost all OS. You can go on to download the apps for you Pads, Ipad, mobile phones or tablet. Most of the times, this app comes with most Verizon branded phone. For those having phones they got from other sources, you can go ahead to download the app online for smooth run.

How to Register Verizon Wireless account online

You cannot log in to Verizon account without having a running and active account. So you will need to register Verizon account by following the steps below

  1. You will need to provide your Billing Telephone Number, Your account number, he last amount you [paid on your bill, the last amount you receive on your bill.
  2. With that done, Verizon will need you to provide ;
  • Primary User ID
  • Provide and then confirm your password of choice
  • Create and Provide a Greeting Name
  • Enter Your Gender
  • Enter Your Birth date
  • Select a Secret Question
  • Answer the Secret Question
  • Provide Your Email Address

This is all that is required of you to complete your registration. With that done, you will get two emails that will firstly welcome you to the service and the other will give you details benefits of signing up with Verizon.

Keep your comment if you having any reservation.