The Walmart money card is kind of like a credit card which you can use to pay for goods purchased in Walmart stores in place of cash. The card is accepted and used wherever Visa debit cards are used and accepted.

Logging into Walmart money card account will allow you to access all goods sold at Walmart. You can also manage your account and help limit the amount of money spend. To login follow these steps outlined below:Walmart Money Card Login

Walmart money card login

  1. First, using a web browser search for the web address
  2. Next, click on the login button found on the homepage to enter into the login page
  3. On that login page enter both your user ID and password
  4. Tick the remember user ID box if you are using a personal computer. If you are not, then don’t bother ticking
  5. Finally, click on the login button and enter into your account

Walmart card user ID

If you forget your user ID, recovery is very easy. To recover your user ID, click on the link Forgot user ID with underline

Next, enter 16 card numbers and 3 digit security code number and then click continue. Follow the remaining steps carefully and recover your user ID.

Walmart money card password

If you have forgotten your username but still have your user ID, you still cannot login to your account. This means that you have to recover your password. Unfortunately, you cannot recover your password but you can reset it and get a new one. To reset your password, click on the link Forgot your password? This link is just below the forgot user ID on the login page. Once you click on the link, a password recovery page will open. On the page enter your details. These details include:

  1. Your online user ID
  2. Your 3 digit security code
  3. And finally, click on continue to proceed.
  4. Follow the remaining steps and reset your password.
  5. You can use this new password to login to your account.

How to apply for your Walmart money card login

  1. Go to the Walmart homepage and click on the get a card button
  2. An option to choose between visa and MasterCard appears, choose the one you want
  3. Next enter your first and last name, address, the name of a city, ZIP number, your current email address, phone number, social security number, date of birth
  4. And last but not the least enter your 4 digit pin number
  5. Tick the terms and conditions box to accept the agreement
  6. And finally, click on get my card to get your card.