WapKing – Download Mp3 | Music | Games And Mp4 Videos From www.Wapking.cc

Wapking is a leading wap or mobile content management site. It has in hits portal tons of free digital files for your free download. When you are looking for something unique for your mobile device like games, music, apps for all OS, then WapKing.cc is your best hub. It was formally running on www.wapking.com before it was moved to www. wapKing.cc and now www.WapKing.guru.wapking

Just like waptrick, wapdam and toxicwap, WapKing does not require any form of registration before users can download the digital files of their choice. It remains a great hub for mobile download of digital files.  It gives you access to free videos, Mp3 music, musical videos, latest Movies, wallpapers and more.

WapKing.com vs WapKing.cc

If you have been using the services of WapKing, I will like to notify you about the recent upgrade from what use to be WapKing.com to what is it now which is WapKing.cc? if you try the formal, you might not be able to download files from that domain. So to download videos, mp3 songs, mobile applications, visit the new domain.

The new WapKing.cc comes with thousands of updated files and for your free download. Games, videos and lots more.

WapKing web portal

When you visit this site from your device, you will a great designed interface and files arranged in an orderly pattern. You don’t need to sign up or log in to access files. It is just simply a free file content site.

The files are lined up in;



Full Mp3 Song.





Screen Saver.

Full Mobile Movie.

If you look closely, you will notice that there are other categories not listed in the once mentioned above. They were separated from the above listed due to their uniqueness. This new list is

  • Special Download.
  • Android Zone.
  • Top 21 Files.

These whole categories were simply arranged p help user gain a smooth ride and easy navigation while on the site. Let us say you want to download new music, he or she can click on the special download and choose from the list of new category. The files in this section are well placed for your comfort download.

Wapking Mobile and Waking PC Version

I will like to inform you that the site has no form of restriction to either mobile or desktop PC users. Though it is a wap site because of the file format it delivers, but you can access it through PC or Mobile device without any form of restriction.

Wapking is available for PC, tablet, mobile phones and more.

Wapking Mp3 Songs

When it comes to musical files, you can never beat wapking. It comes with high audio quality of all the mp3 songs and all are available for you once you have a good network and data to download. The songs are arranged in various unique categories for you to make choice from.

They are;

  • New Bollywood.
  • Exclusive Single Track.
  • Indian POP Song.
  • Punjabi MP3 Songs.
  • TV Serials Full Song.
  • Daily New Songs.
  • A To Z Mp3 Songs.
  • Special Mp3 Songs.
  • DJ Remix Mp3 Songs.
  • Devotional Song (Bhajans)

Another wonderful offer that this site brings your way is that you can access movie soundtrack and songs for free download. Most times people get low-quality songs and incomplete version of some songs. You can avoid this by selecting Full Mp3 Song category from when you visit the song site.

How to Download Wapking Mp3 Songs for Free

To have this list of songs downloaded on your devices, the following guide will give you a walkthrough on how to go about downloading songs from wapking. Remember once more that you don’t need any form of registration to go through or access files on this portal. It is an open site for content management. So you can access any file of choice using you PC or Mobile device.

With your mobile or web browser,

  1. Head on to the official URL of wapking which is wapking.cc
  2. This will display the homepage of the site where the whole files and categories are displayed.
  3. To download mp3 music, click on Full Mp3 Song to see the sub-category of the mp3 song list.
  4. Choose the list of the subcategories to relate to the song you are looking for. This will display the entire music list in this category. You will see the songs in the title and file formats which are mp3 format.
  5. Select the song you are looking for and click on it to start download.

Note that on clicking on the song for download, this site will still go all the way to displaying the same song in various file size that matches your need. Choose and of the sized to start download.

To get some level of special files, you need to follow our description below to get to other sub-domains of wapking.

They are:

Wapking.net.in: You can download special videos, Mp3 here.

Mywapking.org: You can download special HD Videos Mp3 songs and Full movies here.

Wapking.co: You can download special Mobile ringtone, mobile wallpaper, mobile games, 3pg, mobile applications, themes, mobile games and more.

Mywapking.net: You can download special MP3 here.

Wapking.im: You can download special mobile wallpaper, mobile games, Mp3, mobile application, 3pg videos and more.

Wapkingin.in: You can download iPhone apps, mobile games, themes, wallpaper, Mobile software and more.