What is Bitcoin

Before 2009, there was no way we could be talking about bitcoin. It was then that Satoshi Nakamoto fashioned this electronics currency that comes with so many vibes and heat.what is bitcoin

This digital currency has made lots of impression in the world of digital, causing so many to use bitcoin as their major savings measure.

The awesome part of this coin is that it is placed in the control of me and your and decentralized from the normal government regulations.

The reason the currency is gaining so much wave is for the sole reason that users can use it to buy anything, same role your local currency plays.

Online users can now make any form of purchase online using this new world currency without fear of being short-changed.

So what is Bitcoin – Introduction To Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a leading digital currency built by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009. Users can now use this digital currency in[place of the traditional paper currency to make any form of purchase online or offline. It is a worldwide accepted currency just like dollar and euro.

Most people now use Bitcoin for their electronics purchase. As stated, bitcoin is devoid of the normal government central bank regulations that characterized paper currency. Bitcoin is traded and managed by business people and their businesses. The intention of creating this digital currency is for decentralization. No central management house can claim control of the coin.

Users of Bitcoin can buy and sell the currency and as well use it to purchase products online. You can transfer the currency electronically with little or no transfer or transaction fee.

How Bitcoin Works

Bitcoin is founded on a system of mathematical proofs.