Whatsapp download: Download whatsapp Messenger Latest Version 2018 for Android, iPhone and more

WhatsApp Messenger remains the best cross-platform app for Smartphone. This messenger works on iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Symbian and more.

With WhatsApp.com Messenger, users can send free SMS to friends and client not minding the device OS that they are using.whatsapp download

To download WhatsApp, click the link www.whatsapp.comv

To download Whatsapp app for Android click Here.

WhatsApp.com Messenger knows no distance as it is not restricted by nation limit. www.whatsapp.com latest version allows you send free SMS, send and receive a multimedia message like image, videos, voice note, shot video message and more.

The group chats on WhatsApp massager is what turns me on most. You don’t need to speed much to reach more people. All you have to do I to create a group conversation and make friends and client send their contributions. All this are for free.

You can call whatsapp.com international carrier as users can create a chat with anybody anywhere.

The most interesting part of this app is that it records chat even when you are away. The messages will record as offline line message and you will receive them once you come online again.

WhatsApp download | Whatsapp 2018 Features

This latest version of WhatsApp 2018 download comes with great and incredible features that stand out. It allows you to detect fake news and brings other wonderful and fn moment with security.

  • New year Status
  • Love Status
  • Crazy Status
  • Sweet Status
  • Crazy Status
  • Break up Status
  • Romantic Status
  • Sad Status
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  • Friend Status
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  • Birth Status
  • Naughty Status
  • Anniversary Status
  • Christmas Status
  • Dirty Status
  • Diwali Status
  • Eid Status
  • Emotional Status
  • Exam Status
  • 14th August and 26 the January Status
  • Condolence Status
  • Jokes
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Status Quotes
  • Fathers Day Status
  • Pregnancy Status
  • Music Status
  • Funny Status
  • Good Morning Status
  • Holi Status
  • Islam Status
  • Kids Status
  • Kiss Status
  • Miss You Status
  • Mother Day Status
  • Rude Status
  • Valentines Status
  • Crush Status
  • Cute Status
  • Cool SMS
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  • Double Meaning Jokes
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So with Whatsapp, you can

  • Send messages free,
  • Share Videos and pictures
  • Send Music to friends
  • Share contacts and even location data
  • Send Voice notes
  • Make free calls with the messenger app.
  • www.whatsapp.com is of free Download

Interface Of Whatsapp.Com Messenger 

The beauty of the app is that the interface remains simple. You don’t need any form of manual to navigate through WhatsApp messenger.

How WhatsApp works

Whatsapp messenger gives you access to chat with your contact list avoiding the situation of meeting strange people online. Members of your contact list that are on WhatsApp instantly feature as yours WhatsApp friends.

You can block any strange conversation by blocking the contact from chatting you up. So it is strictly friends on your address book that appears as on your WhatsApp chat label.

WhatsApp Messenger allows you to share not only multimedia files, but you can share your location with friends and client. You can also choose to keep track of e-mail histories, personalize notification sounds, and many other features.

Download Whatsapp | WhatsApp.com Messenger at www. whatsapp.com

This app is available for all OS. You can download Whatsapp messenger for:




Windows Phone


Nokia S40

Mac or Windows PC

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