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Hello, guys, I am here to give you the best of the free download site. In case you don’t know, there are sites where you can download free multimedia files for free. The site is

So many friends complain of bills paid just because they want to watch their favorite movies of music videos. It even gets worse as some sites demand some cash before you can download games, apps, and mp3 from them. comes handy when you want free download sites for the latest game, movies, wallpaper, free apps, games, latest music videos and more. This site is the core alternative to famous

If you have been using waptrick lately, you will notice that when you search for it on Google, it returns waptrick on the search. came into existence on 22nd September 2015, unlike waptrick that has been in the service for sometimes. So waphan was specifically built for mobile download of multimedia files. It gives you access to download Animations, sound effects, MP3 music, movie trailers, photos, games, movies and more. You can as well visit for the latest TV series, Digital download.

The good part of this site is that their files are constantly updated to giving you the latest and best. The fun is endless and I can tell you that this site is the best when it comes to free download. has millions of files for your download and it is still experiencing more upload on the portal.

All you just have to do is to enter the URL in your browser and you will have unhindered access to free download.

Wonderful news about this site is that users don’t need to sign up first. No registration is required for users to download content or digital files from

ON opening the website, contents are divided into categories ranging from:

  • Games

Download free Android games, Java Games

  • Videos

Download Movies, Films, Movies trailer

  • Animation

Download funny animated images and pictures

  • Application

Free mobile apps are free for download

  • Photo Gallery

Go through the Gallery for Free Photo and wallpaper download, backgrounds and more.

The categories remain endless. So all you have to do is to launch your browser, key in the URL and browse through the categories for your favorite digital file.

Click on any of the categories to access the files listed in them. The files are categorized to enable fast accessing of files on the site. You don’t need to run confuse while on the site. quick tips and how it works

  1. As stated earlier, the site is a new representation of watprick. You can still trust this new domain for download of themes, games, and app instead of visiting waptrick. If you have to fall in love with waptrick, you can click here to access it.
  2. What I noticed id that waphan loads faster than waptrick and helps in the fast download of files.
  3. The interface of both of them remains almost the same.
  4. I can conclude here that both domains are managed by one company or persons.

Download Waphan Apps | Free Waptrick Application For Free Download.

One thing that brings most visitors to this site Is the free download of apps, game and more. Their files are for both Android and iOS. If you are using Symbian, Java, Blackberry, windows phone waphan is here to serve you well.

To download any app or game from the site, visit the site, select your phone device model and start the download.  Click on any file of your choice and the download will begin immediately to your device. Install and start using.

Waphan Features | Features of

Log on to this site to get other additional services. The benefit of is endless. We will spell out some of them here but a visit to the site will explain better.

  1. Device Android app
  2. Watching free movies online
  3. Funny sounds, free sound FX library
  4. Waphan sounds Effect
  5. Download free mobile game
  6. Waphan Applications
  7. Thousands of backgrounds, wallpapers, photos to download
  8. Free waphan full-length movies
  9. Waphan images and video animation
  10. Download films, music videos, video clips, free mp3 music download.

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