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ZeekRewards is a company that is based in Lexington and own by Rex Ventures. Rex is a subsidiary of Lighthouse America Founded 1997. This company has been running for 15 years now with a great reputation for what it does. ZeekRewards is specialized in Affiliate service. It helps people develop their business and manage them thereby helping them earn money.

Benefits of ZeekRewards

Visit the site today to see what business opportunity it avails you so you can start making earning your own cool cash. When you visit www. ZeekRewards.com, you will be greeted with the interface which read;

  1. Free Business
  2. Silver Business
  3. Gold Business as well as
  4. Diamond Business.

Choose any of the businesses and see what bonuses it brings your way. Every one of the categories has its own level of bonus.  But to any you chose, you stand to get free training to help get familiar with the ethics and procedure of the said business you intend to go into. You still stand the chance of gaining from the tool the create programs for all level of entrepreneurs.

Below, we will show you how you can earn money through this page. To get that done, you will need an internet enabled device as well as data running on it.

With that done, the following steps will help you take full advantage of ZeekRewards.com

  1. Launch your browser and visit the official website which is www. ZeekRewards.com
  2. This time around, take a look out for the login button and key in your User ID and password. If you don’t have an account with the service, please try and create one.
  3. With your login process complete, select your choice of affiliate level you want, register a few friends as free customers, then sell a few e-commerce suites and purchase some sample bids to give away to free customers.

For further information, you can join on the live conference calls at Nightly Opportunity Calls (Monday-Thursday 9 pm, 512-439-6511), ZeekRewards Training Call (Monday-Thursday 4 pm, 760-569-7676) and Weekly Leadership Calls (Monday Nights at 9:30 pm, 760-569-7676.

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