Yahoo Mail App Features | How to Download Yahoo Mail App On Android

Yahoo mail is one of the leading services in the world today. The Yahoo mail and few other webmail services pioneered the email service earlier. But most of us use services via the web inbox only.

We don’t know we can download Yahoo mail app in our Android device and get email messages as SMS. Download to get the best of your Smartphone today.

Mobile app helps us get better prepared and organized in our daily dealings. It is different from Gmail mail inbox or inbox by Google.

How to Download Yahoo Mail App On Android

So in this discussion, we will learn the simple way to download and use Yahoo mail app. using this app saves me the time of visiting just to check or send emails. I will like you to try this too. It will certainly improve your way of handling your daily activities and improve your speed.

Yahoo mail App Features and look

Smart Usage: this app will help you go smart in the way you operate.

Easy Interface: the interface is easy to use by all. The interface comes simple that you don’t need to be tech savvy to pull through while on the app.

Attach Multiple File: With this yahoo mail app, you can now easily attach files from your mobile and have them attached to your mail. No stress in attaching a file. Simply write your post and click on the attach file button, choose the file and it will be attached to that email, then send.  Attach that PDF, Doc, video, image, and other multimedia files to your mail with ease.

Search Button: Yahoo App gives your soft and easy way to locate that old email or file. At the top of the app, key in anything you feel like searching and make yahoo app do the search.

Access Your Entire Folder: Yahoo app brings a better way of locating and accessing every folder in your email.

Connects With Google Drive And Dropbox: One of the great power-ups in using this app is that you can connect your Google Drive and Dropbox. With this, you can link and exchange files within this service without stress. Connect with your cloud storage and share files alike with this app.

More Accounts: Another great mark of this app is that users can connect other email accounts to this single app and get the email messages in the inbox. You can link all your email accounts with your Yahoo mail app. No need of logging in and out of every of your email account. Save your time and get the best with Yahoo mail app.

Swipe For Quick Action: You simple swipe on the app can perform lots of task for you. example you can swipe to delete an unwanted email.

Fingerprints Supports: Security Is The Other Of The Day. You can secure your email inbox using your fingerprints. No other person can access your mailbox without your consent. Beside fingerprint, users can also choose from the option using pattern or pin among other security measures provided by yahoo.

Download Yahoo Mail App On Android For Free

To have this app running on your device, you will need to download the app for free. To download visit Google Play Store. Click here to visit Google play store. Use the search button, type in Yahoo mail. Click the app and install. With the installation completed, login you yahoo mail ID and Yahoo mail Password.