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Video upload and sharing have never been this interesting until YouTube came into play. is a leading and number one video site where users can upload videos of choice and share with friends and follower commonly called subscribers.Youtube Sign in

YouTube is today the best video blog around. It allows users to create their own accounts and have their various files uploaded on the site.

If you are new to, I will like to let you know that you cannot put written material on this site. It only allows video upload and a few sentences to describe the content of the video to as many that will be interested in it. So what you see more on the site is video content and comments from viewers.

So all you have to do is a signup and create your own YouTube Channels and have people subscribe to your channel. On How To Create a Youtube Channel, click here.

You can sign up YouTube as a person or as big cooperation. Users will gain the same advantage and features from

You can visit our article on how to download youtube video and more.

YouTube Sign in | Login process

As we said earlier, you must create and have an account on YouTube before you can start uploading files. With this account, you can sign in or Login YouTube from any of platform. You can complete your Youtube Sign in to your YouTube account to start up your;

  • Free Video upload,
  • To be able to subscribe to your favorite YouTube Channels,
  • To be able to access comments on video files online.

If you are finding it difficult to gain access to YouTube sign in page, this article will help you get over it.

To login YouTube,

  1. Launch your browser and on the address bar, key in or click here to login.
  2. With the homepage opened, look out for the login button on the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. Click on it and key in your email (Gmail email account) and password. If you have been using the browser before now and you have your Gmail Signed in, you don’t need to sign in or sign up again as you will be signed in automatically. That is how Google has structured it. When you sign up any Gmail account, you then know that you have YouTube account alongside.

How to Upload YouTube Videos On Any Website

YouTube does not allow videos to be watched side its platform due to HTML restriction which is embedded in a video on a home page. This is seen in most social media like Facebook.

So to watch YouTube videos on social media or any other sites, the user will have to copy the video Url from YouTube and paste them on the new site for it to appear and be watched on the site.

How to Get Download links on

YouTube is built in such a way that users are made to watch videos of the site only on the site. It does not allow videos from the site to be downloaded elsewhere for offline view.

However, there are other third party sites or software to have your files downloaded to your device.

You can install software like a Download manager, or other plugins to your web browser. The most common of the downloading source is All you just have to do is copy the URL of the said video and paste it into the box provided by this site. With that, you download your YouTube videos for free. The site has several qualities that users can choose from.

How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

As stated before now, YouTube does not allow users of the site to download video content from the site. However, there are ways to about it. This article will give you a breakdown or visit How to Download YouTube videos here.

To download YouTube videos, you can either use or download manager depending on your choice.

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